Junior and Youth Church

Church takes place whenever Christians are gathered together as they seek to follow and make Jesus Christ known.
​So our Junior and Youth Church take place both mid-week and on a Sunday.

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Soul Survivor

In July last year, we took some of young people to an event called Soul Survivor held at Stafford County Show ground. Every summer four to five thousand young people meet at the Show Ground in Stafford to worship God, learn what it means to live for Jesus in every area of their lives, to pray for one another, and to have loads of fun! This year as in past years, the event lasted for five days with two main meetings a day, plus seminars and lots of great venues for sport, enjoying music and watching films etc.
  1. Soul Survivor
    Soul Survivor
  2. Soul Survivor
    Soul Survivor
  3. Hanging out with the Archbishop
    Hanging out with the Archbishop
  4. Eating out
    Eating out
  5. Some of our children meeting Archbishop Justin Welby
    Some of our children meeting Archbishop Justin Welby
  6. Getting ready for worship at the main Soul Survivor meeting
    Getting ready for worship at the main Soul Survivor meeting
  7. Hanging out
    Hanging out
  8. Chilling out!
    Chilling out!
  9. Worship together
    Worship together

   These were some of the comments from the group 
who went from our youth groups Rock Solid & Connect.    

"I didn't know what to expect- I really enjoyed it ,the skate park was really good and I’ll definitely go next year”
“Soul Survivor 2016 meant a great deal to me. I feel very happy to be part of such a great group of people who worship God. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends from Rock Solid”
“I was encouraged by the excellent organisation and honest and caring approach if those leading Soul Survivor. There was no ‘hype’ or emotional disorder. The programme was varied with a main morning and evening celebration of ‘loud’ music (I must be getting old) and teaching on a Christian subject. The rest of the day end evening was packed with activities relevant for the 12 to 18 year olds who were either camping with their youth group for the week or coming from local churches for the day like ourselves. It was good to see young people sharing their Christian faith with each other and being encouraged. There was a lot of laughter and fun and a real sense of God’s presence.”
"I have never been to an event like it. It was spiritually uplifting, great for young people to come together and to worship in a big venue. There were great speakers who made you think. The highlight for me was meeting the Archbishop of Canterbury. I would certainly recommend it and would love to go back next year !"
"Soul survivor was hugely uplifting for the girls and me providing a time to worship to great music and to spend time together as a church family. The naturally supernatural talk has encouraged me to step out in faith and to trust in what God has planned for me."