Growth Groups

Church members often find that they get to know each other better when they meet in one another’s homes.
There are a number of groups where you can learn more about the Christian faith, and there may be one to suit you.
They’re called “Growth Groups” as members seek to grow in faith, fellowship and numbers as they become more familiar with the Bible.
We also have regular courses for those enquiring about the Christian faith and those who are considering confirmation. For details of these, please contact Stephen McKenzie 01782 796564.

Yarnfield Ladies Group

On the first Monday morning of the month the group meets at Ann Ramsey’s house in Trentham. 
The rest of the month the group meets at Dot Sergeant's House in Yarnfield.

Ann can be contacted on 01782 641336
Dot can be contacted on 01785 760649
Yarnfield House Group Schedule

Background information

For many years we had a plaque in our study which read, ' As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.' which comes from the very last chapter of Joshua when Joshua charged the people to remain faithful to God and the people agreed to do so.
The book of Joshua follows the book of Deuteronomy in the Bible. Moses was dead and the people of Israel enter and take the land promised to them by God. Now (either about 1400 or 1220 BC) the land is taken through a string of military victories and divided between the 12 tribes.

Joshua, like Moses before  him was a very strong and very charismatic leader. It was  a very interesting time in the history of Israel and a study of this period will certainly help us to get a understanding of events in the Old Testament. In the book of Joshua we see God beginning a new work among His people yet this work is built on all the past history of God and them. I'm sure that we will discover that the challenges that Joshua and the people of Israel faced will speak into our situation today.

Swynnerton Growth Group

On Friday evenings once or twice a month, David and Alison Harman lead a group in Swynnerton.  For more details about this group, call David Harman on 01782 796681.
At our Growth Group we never know for certain how many people are coming but small or big numbers we always manage to learn something and find plenty to talk about. ​ Our bible studies are varied, usually following the Sunday Sermon series planned by our Vicar so that we can better understand the message of the week's sermon.

What do we do?
We start out our evening by sharing our news then the leader (mainly David when we are here) opens with a prayer and we are told about the day's Saint.  If the same one was described a year ago, sometimes we struggle to remember what he or she was known for!

The Bible study follows, usually with a short DVD on which experts and a guest discuss the chapter(s) we are studying. Over to us then to agree or disagree - David leading us along with relevant questions (with no right or wrong answers!).  We try to let the quieter folk have their turn - all done with good humour.

Prayer time follows; world and local issues, personal and family thanks and problems and anything else that's on our minds - either said out loud or silently.

Coffee or tea time and biscuits next, cake if there's a birthday and maybe a glass of wine if there's a special occasion.

Friendships have developed; good and sad news is shared and above all our faith is strengthened.
So - what do our members say about the Group?
Why do you attend?
-- I value the opportunity to learn more about the bible - the last time I studied it was at school!
-- It's good to know your way around the bible - the Old and New Testaments.
-- I value the friendship with the other members - a problems shared is often a problem halved.
-- I can ask as many questions as I like - no one is surprised that I don't understand something           fundamental about Christianity or the bible stories
-- The bible is the foundation of our faith - I feel more comfortable telling people about my faith now I know more about it.
-- I welcome the chance to pray with my Christian friends.
-- I like the chat about people's news and the coffee and biscuits are good!
-- I look forward to Friday evenings for the fellowship with like-minded people.

Come and join us!

David & Alison Harman