All Age Worship

Baptism During
​All Age Worship 
Three members of the same family were baptised
We like people to be relaxed and happy when they come for a family baptism so we normally have them in our All Age Worship service. These services are always different but this clip shows that, although baptism is serious, it doen't mean that we can't have some fun.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Pictures from a recent All Age Worship service, that included Young People's Corner, an informal Communion, and coffee afterwards.
  1. Sheep for the Good Shepherd
    Sheep for the Good Shepherd
  2. Children's Corner
    Children's Corner
  3. Preparing for our Communion
    Preparing for our Communion
  4. God Cares for You - with a ball of wool!
    God Cares for You - with a ball of wool!
  5. Coffee Bar after the Service
    Coffee Bar after the Service
The 10 o’clock All Age Worship is intended to be a ‘fresh expression’ of Christian Worship, and is authorised as such by the Bishop of Stafford.  The services are designed for people who are seeking a relationship with God but are not used to the traditional ways of the Church of England.  It is intended to appeal to young families and those seeking a less formal way of praising God through His Son Jesus Christ.

A key element of this is the use of modern Christian songs led by a band.

Whilst small in number, the band members produce a sound which is contemporary, and likely to appeal to the intended audience.  The majority of songs used are from Mission Praise, and are relatively well-known.  However, there are many modern musicians and bands writing and producing excellent worship music, and we will introduce more of these songs in the future.

The band is always eager to welcome new singers and musicians, and would want to include anyone who is excited by what we are trying to do.

Pictures from our All Age Worship

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
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Christingle Service

On the first Sunday in December, we had our annual Christingle Service in St Mary's. Christingle means 'Christ Light' and is used to celebrate Jesus Christ as the "Light of the World".
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